Žemynos vaišės | Dovanų rinkinys


SILVER A’ Design Award 2020

Consumable gifts are always a great way to express your appreciation. This holiday gift packaging is inspired by Zemyna, the Lithuanian earth goddess. By giving the land fertility, she protects those who love and care for nature, bringing them abundant harvests and every kind of success. The earth goddess is represented as a Christmas fairy who passes through uncovered fields, magically ripening fruit and inspiring life.

The holiday gift set includes chocolate, tea, honey and a candle, all timeless treats. The earth goddess is a symbol of timeless tradition, but now, she is updated and modern, cool and hip, wearing sneakers and headphones, representing the newest generation that respects the past, but is the future.

By uniting tradition and modernity, Zemyna brings the simple pleasures from the earth to the modern lifestyle. For thousands of years, humanity has eaten chocolate and supped tea, and now they do the same, but in sneakers and headphones. Time marches forward, but simple pleasures remain the same.

This simple, but memorable product line offers a way to show your client your honest appreciation. The packaging depicts a natural colour palette that reflects the purity of the products’ ingredients. The chocolate is unconventional because it comes with bread and honey, an unexpected, but interesting natural combination. Although the holiday gift set depicts an atypical Christmas, symbols such as the goddess’s long white hair serve as a hint to Santa’s beard, snow and reindeers.

Using muted colours, the design conveys the raw position of the brand. As a result, I managed to avoid the traditional Christmas visual cliches and created a unique and memorable packaging design.

It was very challenging to create a strong and positive illustration. After three months of creating numerous illustrations, changing the goddess and the colours, we finally came up with a pleasing visual juxtaposition between serenity and excitement.


Salvita Bingelytė (Props & Set Design)
Jurgita Kunigiškytė (Photographer)
Erin Hope Stevens (Copywriter)