Green Grey


BRONZE A’ Design Award 2019

Green Grey is a women fashion brand inspired by raw beauty of linen. The brand is all about connecting your everyday opposites, work with leisure, urban chaos with serenity, special occasions with daily routine. As we see the clothes you wear not just as an expression but as a part of your identity, Green Grey believe that wearing their creation would inspire to think you yourself are ready for anything. The name is chosen for its simple words, green symbolizes nature and grey symbolizes urban.

I created new logo and brand identity for linen brand. Stereotypically linen is often assigned to traditional rural clothing. Green Grey clothing is as an excellent modern everyday tool for the maintenance of relationship between urban and nature. The goal was to appeal to a new generation of naturalness lovers with a sophisticated taste, eco friendly attitude towards oneself and the environment.

I combined green and grey colors to get one color. The logo also combined from two words, three identical duplicate letters joined together. By sticking to a minimalistic approach, using simple type and muted color, the logo conveys the naturalnessposition of the brand. Linen is one hundred percent recyclable, making it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious people.

Naturalness today is often one of the quality components. Inspired by beautiful linen clothing, I created modern, stylish and sophisticated fashion brand identity.With its minimal design, simple like linen, it proselytizes a gift from Mother Nature.

All natural positioning allowed me to create a clean brand that appeals to both the stylish and eco friendlyalike.

Photos by d96p