WOW University Brand Identity


BRONZE A’ Design Award 2020

The Women of Wonder University is an innovative science platform designed to prepare women for future work/life balance.Gender inequality is growing and WoW wants women to grow and feel confident about their future. Professionals, professors, mentors and lifelong learning enthusiasts come together to share everything they know with students, the women of the future.

WoW University is a twelve week course offered through an innovative platform, packed with theory and practice to help every woman get started in her life long journey so they can be an even bigger WoW. The courses consist of practical and theoretical lessons about creativity, self discovery, collaboration and the realization of ideas, both online and at the university. These are key soft skills that will be more important than technical skills for a successful career in the future.

I created a new logo and brand identity for the Women of Wonder University. The goal was to appeal to a new generation of women who are too busy to attend a full time university. The first letters of Women of Wonder are joined together to create a nice and powerful word abbreviation, WoW. With a strong color combination and bold lettering, the new brand creates high visibility, energy and spontaneity.

I opted to use bright colors. Pink symbolizes femininity and opportunity, light blue represents openness and perspective, and dark blue symbolizes trust and knowledge.

Inspired by women power, I created a modern, stylish and catchy university logotype. The bold, colorful and vivid style sets WoW University apart from other brands.