Lithuanian German Diplomatic Relations Visual Identity


Lithuanian design prize “Geras Dizainas” 2022
SILVER A’ Design Award 2021

Lithuania and Germany are connected by a long, rich history. Bilateral relations between the two states existed from 1918 and again since 1991 when Lithuania regained its independence just a few months after the reunification of Germany and diplomatic relations were restored.

The logo was created for the German Embassy in Vilnius to symbolize diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Germany. Inspired by tricolor national flags, three check marks were created for each country using the colors of their flags. The marks represent two parallel sides, like train tracks heading in opposite directions, but coming back together again and being connected. The red check marks are combined, representing friendship and unity between the two countries.

The symbol highlights the relationship between the two countries by visually uniting the colors of their flags. The logo reflects the moment when two countries diplomatically unite, moving forward together into the future. The colorful marks provide a dynamic symbol, expressing the multifaceted relationship between Lithuania and Germany.

A national flag is the most easily recognizable country symbol, so while searching for similarities between the two countries, the same patterns stood out in their flags and it was decided to find symbols that could seamlessly utilize these patterns, hence the check marks became a logical design solution.

After drawing numerous symbols, it finally came to a modern and memorable logo design which will be used by the German Embassy in Lithuania for its external communication, events and promotional goods.

The symbol of Lithuanian German cooperation is easily applied to stationery, outdoor advertising and corporate gifts. Combining more symbols in one line creates a pattern that can be used in many places.

German Embassy in Vilnius