Lithuania Germany 30 Year Brand Identity


Lithuania and Germany are connected by a long, rich history. Bilateral relations between the two states existed from 1918 and again since 1991 when Germany recognized the reestablished independence of Lithuania and diplomatic relations were restored.

The logo was created for the German Embassy in Vilnius in order to mark their 30 year anniversary of restored diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Germany. The logo tells a story of two countries who have developed close relations. It is shown by highlighting the number 30 and combining it with the flag from each country.

The logo not only commemorates the 30 years of restored bilateral friendship and cooperation, but also looks ahead, towards a common future. The merged numbers are like looking through glasses, upon a road with two different countries headed together in the same direction.

Using a larger logo, it came down to a cropped number zero because it does not overload the layout, maintaining good readability and creating a nice graphic element. There was also playful use of the cropped zero on a mug, using the handle of the mug to complete the zero.

Inspired by the flags of the two states, a modern, stylish and recognizable corporate anniversary emblem was created to visibly frame public events and projects. It will be used by the German Embassy in Lithuania in its external communication throughout 2021.

Client: German Embassy in Vilnius