Smidrų etiketės


Irma Šiaučiulienė farm

Asparagus is the first vegetable in the world that grows during the spring in cultivated conditions. Green asparagus gets its color from sunlight. When the plant breaks through the ground, the sun hits it, turning it green. The sun is very important for asparagus, so I thought it would be a good idea to focus on yellow, because it symbolizes the sun, light and spring.

I created asparagus labels. With the concise yellow color and lettering, the new brand creates high visibility, speed and memory. The design clearly puts Green Asparagus words first and foremost, but it is cleverly integrated into a block of exuberant type which conveys a playful, bright image. By using linear growing asparagus drawings, it creates a twist on the classic style,because behind each step in the cultivation process, from planting and cutting to packaging, there is a skillful hand.

Lettering and hand drawn asparagus illustrationsreflect the natural, fresh aspect of the product.Asparagus is not a popular vegetable, so on the label, we decided to write information on how to store, prepare and cook them, including a recipe for making delicious asparagus.

For the label design, I opted for digitally printed labels on white paper.A rubber band binds the asparagus bundle. I chose a yellow rubber band, so that it would blend in with the label.

Food packaging always comes in color, but it is uncommon to focus on one color. The one color, in addition to the bright, crinkly yellow paper, the charming script type and hand drawn asparagus, give it a feeling of freshness.The goal was to appeal to a customer interested in healthy nutrition.

To create a packaging for a small farm that would stand apart from the other asparagus on the market and easily flow to other products.

Bronze A’Design Award Winner for Packaging Design Category in 2019