Roundooze chickpea snack packaging


BRONZE A’ Design Award & Competition

These roasted chickpeas are gluten free and amazingly nutritious, full of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins that will keep you energized all day long. Roundooze is a convenient and healthy snack alternative for both active children and busy adults. They are especially delicious because they are covered with a thin layer of flavouring that compliments, rather than competes, with the natural taste of the chickpeas.

A smile taken from the Roundooze logo is key to the packaging visual style. The adorable character is instantly heartwarming and creates a deeper emotional interest in the product. The pouches are characterized by see through windows that are shaped like eyes and a mouth. With a cute smiley face character on the front, it is possible to see the chickpeas before buying them and encourages consumers to get snacking. This promotes a fun and playful experience.

Eight chickpea packages were created for different flavours, six sweet and two savory. The black packaging reflects the highest quality mediterranean style roasted chickpeas, which are prepared in forty five days using unique technology. The gray packaging reflects the two savory styles, double roasted chickpeas and chickpeas with salt. Simple fonts and minimal colours on the packaging help give it a light hearted quality while still highlighting the exciting flavours within.

The die cut windows give a promise of transparency, which earns customer trust. This helps transform the packaging into a friendly face that smiles at the consumer to convey a sense of happiness. The graphics on the back side of the pouch show the process of how the chickpeas, of extraordinary taste and texture, are transformed into Mediterranean style roasted chickpeas.

Roundooze brand is represented by cute smiles, conveying emotional communication on the shelf. This connects the brand with joy and healthy nutrition, building consumer confidence while maintaining a playful image.

The goal was to stand out on the store shelf amongst a wide variety of colourful snack packs and catch the eye of children and adults. Roundooze is an honest brand from Lithuania that aims to offer a healthier food option and bring positivity to the market.