Pizzamax rebrand


BRONZE A’ Design Award 2020

Pizzamax is a small pizza restaurant chain in Lithuania. They were established ten years ago, but the packaging and branding was not resonating with the market, so it was time for new branding. The name of the pizzeria also changed. Originally it was the Lithuanian word for pizza, unrecognizable to non-native speakers. Now the name is universal, clearly readable and understandable for everyone. Pizzamax wanted to remind customers that they walk the line between good value and good food.

The initial visual identity had been thrown together in a rush, and was a mishmash of graphic styles as the founders were focused on getting the business up and running. Because of this, the customer experience was largely unbranded, you got your food and that was it. What makes the redesign unique is how I picked out two words, pizza and max, and placed them on different sides of business cards and pizza boxes.

The logo was simplified and supported by a simple and clear visual identity. I wanted to keep the classic Italian pizza colors, red and black, but make the brand modern and expressive. I brought in a bit of playfulness by giving the M and X letters curved ends, representing people, specifically bakers who carry pizzas with straight arms. It also symbolizes that you can go for a quick and delicious meal.

With strong color combination and bold lettering, the new brand creates high visibility, energy and spontaneity.