Shopping Centre Gift Card and Packaging

Verpackungen, Printmediendesign

With a rich history dating back to 1974, the shopping centre, Cup, is the first of its kind in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Located in the heart of the city, where modern businesses are friendly neighbours, it is a cosy place where people go to shop, meet for coffee, enjoy a nice meal or relax on the terraces with beautiful panoramic views of the city and river, Neris.

The shopping centre had gift vouchers that were not resonating with the market, so it was time for a new design and a modern electronic gift card. The goal was to appeal to the new generation that is too busy to shop for gifts. The modern gift card is a good opportunity for them to save time, while enabling the gift recipient to choose the item they want or need from over 100 shops located in the shopping centre.

A simple gift card and special packaging that looks like an envelope, but has a unique shape with interesting folds, were created. Four gift card packages, in different colors, have been created so that every customer, regardless of age group or occasion, can find the right package for their gift card. The design is simple, but at the same time modern and elegant, convenient to carry, but not too small.

The packaging gives a pleasant unboxing experience for the gift recipient. The gift card and the package are printed on a shiny silver background. The inside of the package is decorated with company logos in a repetitious pattern. The word, gift, on the front of the package, is made from stamped silver foil. The package is affixed with a sticker.

Inspired by the color palette of the brand, four gift card packages were created in pastel green, pastel blue, pink and gray. With a fresh color combination, shiny background and clean design, the new gift card packages create a good mood and sophisticated style.

It was challenging to create uniquely shaped packaging that would stand apart from regular envelopes. After a month of creating numerous packages, changing their shapes, folding and sizes, finally, the form was created so that was easy to fold and functional, yet interesting.

Client: CUP shopping centre